Federal Court Reporters LLC provides Verbatim Hearing Recorder (VHR) services to the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) of the Social Security Administration.

Our firm has solid expertise in Verbatim Hearing Recording for ODAR; this is the only service we offer. Each employee of our company has from five to 20 years’ experience as a Verbatim Hearing Recorder.

Performance Metrics



  • 100% of Recordings complete and audible
  • 100% Attendance – VHR provided for every scheduled hearing
  • 100% Hearing notes in sufficient detail and frequent enough for efficient navigation
  • 100% Punctuality
  • 100% Professional dress and behavior

Past Performance

All of our personnel have worked extensively for ODAR as independent contractor Verbatim Hearing Recorders under various BPAs.


  • Lengthy experience as Verbatim Hearing Recorders – no other business operations
  • Ethical operations and complete compliance with contract terms
  • All workers classified as “employees” rather than “independent contractors”
  • All employees paid at least minimum wages and benefits required by contract
  • Payment of all legally required taxes and insurances for employees
  • No legal problems from tax evasion or contract noncompliance

We already know how to do the work.

We are not embarking on a new line of business. We have done no other business than Verbatim Hearing Recording. We have existing relationships with ODAR administrative staff, and we know how ODAR offices function. We pay all required taxes and insurances for our employees.

Most corporate contractors providing Verbatim Hearing Recorder services classify their workers as “independent contractors,” even though the workers clearly meet the legal tests to be classified as “employees.” This is done to avoid paying contract-required minimum wages and benefits, statutory taxes, and insurances. This method of operation, however, requires the corporate contractor to maintain an awkward distance from its workers to preserve the fiction that they are “independent contractors.”

Our bedrock commitment to ethics allows us to take a completely different approach. All of our VHRs are classified as “employees,” and our company pays at least the minimum contract-required wages and benefits, as well as all statutorily-required taxes and insurances. We do not have to pretend an artificial distance from our employees. On the contrary, management personnel are on-site each working day to supervise our staff, check the quality of work performed, monitor attendance, and guarantee that the contract-required metrics are met.

Company Data

  • DUNS Number 08-045-1588
  • CAGE Code 7RHB4
  • NAICS Code 561492
  • BPA Number SS05-13-40033
  • Ethically providing Verbatim Hearing Recorder services to ODAR since 2013
  • 15 experienced VHRs available to staff all scheduled hearings
Susan Rose – Owner, Federal Court Reporters LLC